Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Say Whaaaaa?

Are you ever sitting in class and the teacher touches a subject that you feel very knowledgeable about (today it was crime and gangs) and he asks for a comment, and no one raises their hand, so you muster up the courage just when he begins changing the subject, but he calls on you before you can retract your hand? Yeah.. that happened to me today. With palms sweating, insides gurgling, and heat rising to my face, I say my piece. The teacher moves on without even replying to what I said. A few minutes pass, and I think.. "Did i really just raise my hand and comment in class?" It seemed as though nothing had passed from my lips. The Universe was absolutely unaltered by what I said.

Talk about a joy-kill.

I'll think twice about raising my hand again.

(insert Brian Regan voice)-- I'm such an IDIOT

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