Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Find Joy in the Journey, Now!

Wasn't General Conference just the best!? I really enjoyed the messages about loving life and enjoying every second! It's so true. I often find myself worrying too much about little things, but overall, life is prrrettty ok!

Perhaps the most exciting part of all of conference was the new temples announcement! When I heard, I screamed with delight! What a joy to have a temple so close to HOME (which is pretty much where i want to end up later in life). It is such a testament that the work is rolling forward! The official statement by the church came out and this is what it says in regards to the new Kansas City temple

"For the temple serving the greater Kansas City area, the site will be in Clay County, Missouri, on residential land within the Kansas City limits that is already being developed by the Church. The development is known as Shoal Creek."

And ROME!? Hello... My BFF and roommate Kaley's sister is serving her mission in Italy and she always asks us, in emails and letters, to pray that the saints there might have a temple! I'm sure the members there are so grateful for this blessing!

Sorella Whitney Andersen is on the left. This is a picture of her on a member's back porch in Canatnia, IT! Beautiful, huh!?

Oh, another part I liked is Nelson's talk about eternal marriage and how Elder Jed was sitting nearby, and we looked at each other. Our eyes said it all. Hahaha. btw, HE COMES HOME THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW!

Maggie is going to DC :(/:)
Bremen and Suzanne are adorable
I got to spend time at Jordan's house. I love it there!


B said...

I'm gonna pee my pants I'm so happy for you.

SwEaRiKa said...

Such a cute picture of you two! And I'm so excited to see you tonight!

Micah Mae said...

You are so adorable!!!!

Micah Mae said...
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