Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Happy 40th!

This is my 40th blog post!

Hmmmm 40...

I wish I had 40 reese's, twix, and kit kats before my eyes.

When I'm 40, I hope that I'm not a size 40. Also, I hope I have a few kids and live a happy life. I hope I'll have gone skydiving by then and that I still go to concerts from time to time. Not head-banging concerts-- Like... Rascal Flatts concerts, but not really them. I hope I have 40 pairs of to-die-for CUTE shoes. I hope I still like turquoise and pink. I hope I don't look 40.

When I'm 40, I won't be in a slump. I'll try not to go through a mid-life crisis, even though my whole life is a midlife crisis. Microderabrasion at 19, reeeally? I hope I have a 40 carat diamond ring ;)... ok.. maybe not. I hope I can bake 40 cookies without burning one, and I seriously hope that the school systems won't be so awful that my children have 40 kids in their classes. I hope I live in a town with more than 40 graduates a year.. I like the city. In fact, I should live somewhere close to 40 great shops... namely Archiver's, Target, Bath and Body Works, Ikea, (trying to think of other 40-yr-old-acceptable stores).. you get the picture.

I hope I'm so happy and still friends with you all! and I hope that Jed will be taking good care of me! :) Yay for 40!


Bonnie said...

We'll be friends at least til we're 40.

Leanna said...

we'll have an mg reunion when were 40.. we'll all hopefully not weigh 240 from living the Mo-ville lifestyle: funeral potatoes.. enrichment nights.. making brownines for every newborn babies family in our ward.. cooking for the 25+ hungry people in our families each holiday.. o yikes.. I hope i dont lose my obsession with exercise by the time im 40.. mg reunions girl. out of control. love you.

Bonnie said...

I just made you an admin on my blogggg!

Bonnie said...

i mean on the mg blog

Leanna said...

spotted. stalked. loved.

i do love it.