Thursday, December 11, 2008

Bridal Shower!

Once again, the MGs have pulled through for me! Last Saturday, Lindsay Neeley and Jenny Francis threw an amaaazing shower for me. I also invited some non-MG friends, and fun was had by all! We had amazing food, amazing gifts, amazing company, and amazing conversations! DUH! It's the MGs we're talking about! Ok! So thank you so much EVERYONE for coming! It meant a lot to me to have you all there. Here are some pictures of the awesome night!

This is the ENTIRE group! Do people really like me? Wait.. don't answer that! Man, I have so beautiful friends!!

Kilee Bradshaw and Lindsey Sawyer were my roommates last year. They were there through the Jed-OBSESSION period of my life. Thanks for listening and not thinking I was totally psycho!

Voted: most heartwarming! Homegurlzzz Suzy Baker and Kyli Scherbel (formerly Hale) were my BFFs growing up. Kyli moved away when we were 5 or 6 (to Afton Wyoming), and Suzy moved away when we were 6 or 7 (to Georgia... then florida... then georgia.. then alabama). Well, suzy and I stayed in touch throughout the years, but we reconnected a year and a half ago when we both moved to Provo. Kyli, however, was a long lost soul, until facebook brought us together last summer! Once again.. technology saves the day! Both girls are GEORGEOUS! I wish I could post a picture of the three of us together when we were 4!

These Girls (on the ends) are Annalicia and Hollie. They were my first roommates ever at BYU. We played a little too hard that summer, and I think all of ur grades suffered a bit. Suzy spent a lot of time with us that summer too. I haven't seen Annalicia or Hollie in over a year, so it was a blast to remember our fun adventures!

Overall, I had a superb night! I can't believe I have so many friends.. i mean seriously... I'm kind of a freak! I won't ask question-- just enjoy! And I'm sure Jed will be thanking you all for the excellent variety of gifts!


Andrea & Bo said...


I miss my Adrianne.

Bahhha ha haahhh!

Ok.. Enough crying.

It's crazy, we're all grown up.
..and I'm having a baby!! AHH!!

Andrea & Bo said...

Well, I'd much rather have Bo hiss and growl at me than scary little girl.

I just hope mine doesn't turn out weird/scary/animal-esque.