Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Our Special Day

How do I write about my wedding day without sounding overly excited and ridiculously mushy? I'm not sure it's possible, but I'll try.

I can honestly say it was the best day of my life. I felt every good emotion possible, all in 12 hours time. The day started at 6 am, when my hair stylist came to do my hair and make-up. Angelic asked me over and over if I was nervous, and I honestly answered "No." I was thinking about what Jed was doing and trying to imagine all of the day's events. We finished up at 8:30, and I ate some breakfast and dashed off to get my nails done. I ran a couple of errands (Cranberry juice is a must, I was told), and came home at 10:30, just in time to ride to the temple with Mom.
The temple was amazing, as always. Being a bride there is the best! They lead me and Jed everywhere we needed to be. The bridal dressing room was amazing. SO beautiful. The old lady helping me made sure Mom helped me get dressed. Then she took us to a big mirror and had Mom look at her daughter all dressed in white. It was special.
I met up with Jed, and the temple workers took us to the Celestial room where we sat and thought and talked and enjoyed our time together for about 45 minutes until our Sealer came to escort us to the sealing room. He introduced himself and went over some logistics with us. He then took us to our room, and I was overcome with emotions as I saw all of our loved ones sitting in the room (but of course, I didn't cry). Jed and I sat on a little love seat with our mothers by our sides as the Sealer talked to us and gave us a special lesson on the power of Sealings.
The feeling in that room is totally indescribable. Pure happiness and love from everyone there (except maybe Jed's former mission companion who later told me I looked hot :) It was beautiful, and so special.
When Jed and I exited the temple, the crowd went wild, and while I had some minor wardrobe malfunctions, I felt like we were special, and loved, and beautiful-- both of us. For the next few hours we spent some time up-close and personal with Anne Pearson, our photographer, (who probably actually was able to spend the most time with us) and Jed's sister April, who was video recording us. We had a blast, so much fun, in fact, that we missed the luncheon all together and headed straight to the reception hall, where Jed and countless loyal family members and close friends helped set-up while I primped in the bathroom. Sorry All. Seriously!? Who could ask for better family. I think together, Jed's and My family could pull together anything! It was so beautiful! Seriously--- SO beautiful! (and very "Asian", as my Dad says). We dances and visited, and could NOT believe all of the people who came out for the party! THANK YOU, THANK YOU, Everyone! We had a BLASTY BLAST (until the last 30 minutes, when I wanted nothing but to get into some comfortable clothes, shove some food down my throat, and get to our hotel)!!! Again, thank you everyone who helped, visited, or sent us well wishes! It really was the best day of our life!

Adrianne Jayne Young


The Wettstein Family said...

I'm so glad it turned out so well for you! Isn't it crazy? You spend your whole life waiting for this day, and it only lasts a day. I'm so glad it was the best day of your life--it should be! You did look beautiful! You looked GORGEOUS!!

Lacey said...

I would have killed to be at the reception with the other MG's but looking through the pictures you looked beautiful!!! I am so glad you had such a good day!

Jordan said...

Girlfriend! It was the best. You were so beautiful. Now get some pictures of your wedding on here- they look amazing!

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts with all of us. I wish I had done that. And of course, you made me cry. I'm so happy you had a great day! You looked blissfully happy and your reception was gorgeous!Good luck with your new life!

Harris Happenings said...

It was a great day! Congratulations!

Alisa said...

oh, i love it!!!! it was beautiful, you were beautiful! I'm so happy for you guys! congrats!