Friday, March 20, 2009

I Win the Competition!

IIIIII have the cutest nephews in all the land!

One of my favorite things in the whole world is to babysit my favorite boys! Not only do I get to laugh with them, tickle them, listen to their stories, or see their latest work of art or 1st place medal, but I get to visit for an hour or two.. or three or four... with Jordan and Mike. They are always full of wisdom and humor! LOVE love love this family!

Trevan and myself jamming out to some Rock Band!
My Rock Stars!
Jordan and Mike (coach) passing out medals to Tyler (being honored by Mike) and his Basketball Team!
Trevan Enjoying a Bball Donut!
Tyler making a basket!

This is Trevan, but he soooo looks like Cameron in this picture! I guess Cam is out of his photogenic phase because I don't have any pictures of him. I'll have to get some next time!
the McClellan Boys at my birthday party!

Thanks Jordan and Mike for making such cute kids!


Andrea said...

my cutest nieces can marry your cutest nephews

Oh btw.
When you go to Kentucky are you coming through KC?

Jordan said...

AHHHHHHHH, those kids are the CUTEST! They must have a Gorgeous MOM!

I wish
Thanks for posting these great pictures- we miss you- how have you been?

Maggie said...

I want a donut

Just Jed said...

I like how you cut your husband out of all those pictures...even though I was there for 2 of those 3 events.