Monday, March 23, 2009


Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, full of excellent BBQ and beautiful fountains... two sisters enjoyed a hot and muggy summer together. They jogged each morning avoiding the millions of frog princes jumping across their path, catching glimpses of exotic birds, and working on their tans. They even ventured so far as the land inhabited by the Mormons. This adventure was taken on a large steal greyhound full of stinky people and loud talkers. Despite these less-than-perfect circumstances, these sisters enjoyed their precious time together. Once they made it back to the land of fountains, the greatest adventure.. or gift of all awaited them.
The younger sister, Adrianne, visited her dear friend Casi, who was working at the magic picture palace. This awesome building had a large screen with magically moving pictures. The best part, however, was the snacks. Candies, and sweet drinks.. nachos and pretzels, Adrianne very much liked the this magical world.
To her very surprise... one of the most amazing things of all was about to occur. Dearest Casi gave Adrianne a scrumptiously smelling black bag full of a curious treat. Puffed corn, covered in savory salt and butter fill this large [garbage] bag nearly halfway. The tantalizing aroma accompanied Ms. Adrianne the whole ride home back to her dear sister. There they tasted until the weeee hours of the morning. If that weren't enough.. the two sisters ate and ate the puffed corn magic for breakfast too. and lunch. and dinner... until there was none left to be had.

That's right. Maggie and I ate an entire black trash bag full of leftover movie theatre popcorn. YUM! This was like.. 3 years ago, but a similar experience from this weekend reminded me of this fun experience, and I had to share.


Maggie said...

HEE HEE! Such funny memories!

I think I remember the popcorn story slightly differently though. Did we really eat it for every meal till it was gone?

Can you believe we ate popcorn out of a trash bag?! How sanitary!

The best part was that you woke me up at like 3am to bounce on my bed and dig into the magical never-ending popcorn bag!

The Wettstein Family said...

Aw!! You guys are way too cute!

Casi Bludorn said...

Ha ha! I still can't believe you guys ate that whole bag!

Cami said...

You guys rock! I wish I were your sister! Thanks for bringing me down this memory lane. It was a nice trip.