Wednesday, April 15, 2009


Growing up, holidays were BIG. My mom would decorate the entire house for every holiday! We had so many family traditions, and we would always find an awesome festival to attend. We didn't get one Easter basket.. but two (one of the only perks of having divorced parents)! My mom was the BEST at making any holiday something to look forward to. That is a tradition I hope to carry on to my family. So far, I haven't been doing so well. So this Easter, I wanted to try to make things fun and festive for Jedders and me!
Jed and I decorated Easter Eggs on Saturday. I tried to be creative and get some cool patterns going on, but Jed is more of the leave-the-egg-in-the-dye-for-an-hour type of decorator. I thought it would be a blast... but it wasn't.
Sunday Morning, Jed had a meeting. While he was gone I made a pancake breakfast and a surprise Easter basket for him. I left a note from the EB on the front door and created a poem to help him find his basket (my dad would always hide our baskets, and I loved that!). It was so cute watching him try to find his basket. Ultimately, it took him about 10 minutes.. it was in his Jeep! It was really fun for me to do something special for him.
We went to church and had a really great time, of course. Afterward, we went to Jordan's... which is always a blast! Jed and I got to help hide Easter Eggs with Bremen.. we are so creative-- trees, cars, rocks, bushes-- you name it! One of my favorite things it watching the boys try to find them. Trevan was so adorable! Anytime he found an egg, he had to stop and show and tell everyone within view! He was also a big sharer... if we hadn't stopped him, he would have given most of his candy to Jed and me. Holidays really are the best with children around!
Then, Jordan provided a scrumptious Easter dinner for us all! She is always so hospitable, and she's an amazing cook! I love that she gets out her china, fancy silverware, goblets, and place cards. My mouth is drooling just thinking about it! She also made the best strawberry shortcake dessert I have ever had! Mmmm Mmmm! And the community candy bucket? My fav!
I missed having Maggie there.
We also watched a great movie about Joseph of Egypt... by the Prince of Egypt makers. So good!

This Easter was truly fabulous! I'm going to miss my family so much this summer while we're in Kentucky!
Jed leaves in 3 days, and I leave in nearly 2 weeks! I'm going to miss him so much!


I also had some time to think about the true meaning of Easter! It always hits me hard this time of year, all of the blessings I enjoy because of Him. I am so grateful for Christ and his atoning sacrifice.


The Wettstein Family said...

It's so fun to hear about what your family does together. You are all so close and so cute! We'll miss you! Are you coming back in the fall?

SwEaRiKa said...

Yay for Easter. We try not to be bummers about holidays, but sometimes it happens. Drive safe, Jedder. :) (PS Adrianne, did you realize you said his basket was in HIS Jeep? DANGER DANGER!)

Andrea said...

It's always hard being away from the hubby.

Maggie's first easter was enjoyable too. But she's too young to hunt easter eggs