Sunday, April 19, 2009

L is for Loner

AS most of you know, My hubby left Provo yesterday, taking all of our stuff to Kentucky, where we'll be living for 4 months. Four months is as long as we've lived in this apt. together. That's a long time. I'm excited to go swimming in the pool. I really hope to get my swimmer arms back and do some serious laps as least 3 times a week. We also have a nice workout facility at our new apartment place. O.k. Seriously. I AM going to lose 15 lbs this summer. That is soooo doable.
I join Jed in like 9 days. Yucky. I already miss him a ton. It was hard to say goodbye this time because I'm not used to being alone anymore. I used to revel in my alone time. I looked forward to it. I cherished it. I am perfectly content spending time with myself. Sometimes, I used to wonder what was wrong with me, but now, I think it's a good sign I can handle being with myself. I guess that means I love myself. Now, I'm making myself sound like I'd stay-in every night. I definitely tried to be social in my ward and with friends from home (the MGs are a totally different story. LOVE spending time with you girls). Sometimes I had a blast, other times I didn't, but between all of that, and school, and work, and whatever else I had on my plate, spending a night in seemed like a blessing. It still is.
I've been thinking a lot about the idea that married people fall off the face of the planet, disappearing into an awkward abyss. I think this actually does happen. First of all, BYU doesn't exactly cater to married students. They don't throw events for us, which is fine... because let's face it, that would be weird. Our wards do have things going on pretty regularly, but for the most part it's divided into RS and the Priesthood, otherwise people would never leave their spouse to get to know anyone. Most couples have a date night at least once a week where they go out and do something fun together. This might be a good time to socialize, but Jed and I don't have any married friends yet. Most of our friends are either mine or his... and sometimes that leads to an awkward night. I can't wait for us to have a bestie married couple. Another awkward thing is when a wife wants to go out with her girlfriends or vice versa. I really try to choose which activities are most important/fun for me to attend. Even though Jed is always fine with me visiting girl friends (and he never says anything mean when I come home at 1 or 2 am, bless his heart), but I can't help but start feeling guilty once I've been gone four or more hours. Am I weird? Well, next fall will hopefully be better because a good chunk of my friends will be married, and for some reason, hanging out with married women seems less selfish to me than hanging out with single girl friends. Wow.. I'm weird.
Speaking of friends' weddings, I'm really depressed I have to miss to many. I have to miss the weddings of Kellie, Bonnie, probably Lindsay, M'Recia, Natalie, maybe Natali, and many more, I'm sure. Bawwwwwwwl.
I'm going short. and blonde again. I can't wait. The cut will probably be something like this:

But that's definitely not as white/blonde as I'll be. It'll be a normal blonde for me.
I really want to spend a week with Casi and Andrea and their husbands. I really miss these girls. Since most of you reading don't know them... here's a little info.

(Andrea, Casi, Me)
Casandra Autumn Suzanne Eyerly and I have been really great friends since like what? 3rd grade? We definitely had some rough patches because I was a crappy friend, but now she is truly my best life friend, I'd have to say. She lives in TX with her hubby, and I miss her terribly all of the time. We are very different, but much the same too. We were swimmers together, did efy together for 3 years, took several classes together, and she was my first great church friend. She makes me laugh so much, and anytime we are together it's like " presh.. for sure, for sure.. GIRLFRIEND." It makes me feel fresh and fun. The thing I love about Casi is how no-nonsense she is. She will totally call you out if you do something weird/wrong, in a good way. She's got a good head on her shoulders.

(This was just too precious not to include)
Casi's family is probably the main facilitators of Andrea getting baptized. Is that fair to say, Andrea? She joined the church when she was 16 or 17. Soon after, she met this guy a month before he left on his mission, and she actually waited for him. They got married about a year and a half ago, just a couple months after he got home. Now they have a baby girl named Maggie, an adorable home, and lives in my hometown.. far, far away! I have spoken of Andrea many times to people who needed a little inspiration. This girl has overcome so much and has been so willing to make good decisions. We worked together for several months at Claire's, and we did EFY together one year. Oh, let's not forget our roadtrip down to see Casi one summer. Wow.

(I feel like this baby is my niece)
These Ladies are such a blessing to me. Although we mostly communicate through Facebook and blogging, I know these girls are always there for me no matter what! LOVE you both!

This is the longest post everrrr.. but thanks for reading, if you even got this far (and if you did, please comment, so I can know who actually read everything)!


Krys said...

haha, totally read everything! :) And while you really only know me through Facebook, I think you're amazing. :)

Brandon and Leanna said...

i read it.. all of it! and loved it! im sorry you alone girl.. mg's rock the alone time though. its what we do best. I love my alone time.. i had an anxiety attack a few weeks ago thinking about not having so much of it anymore, because i really do LOVE it! I get energy from being alone.. being around people for too long drains me. Im such an introvert its disgusting. This friday.. want to play? I need/want to see you so badly before you leave. If friday doesn't work, let me know what day does, and ill figure something out. I love you. Yes, sad day you will be missing so many weddings.. but the upside that I'm seeing here.. (for my own selfish reasons) you'll be back for my wedding.. :) haha uh ya. Obviously. But it still makes me happy to think that you'll be there.

text me this week if you can play.

love your stinkin guts

Lindsay Anne said...

ohh i love the hair cut! We can hang out at nights this week so you won't be lonely! I love my alone time, too. I didn't used to be that way. I think it comes with age/maturity.

and i wanna be your bestie married couple friend! Preston and Jed should maybe be best friends. Yes. I figure, we are a lot alike. So our lovers must be alot alike too, right? I hope so.

Casi Bludorn said...

Girl! That brought a tear to my eye. I'm not going to lie, I'm a little jealous of your MG friends because you hang out with them all the time and I NEVER get to see you. I will see you for a little while on my trip to DC though and I'm stoked. I can't believe we're all married now, we should be hanging out as married besties all the time, I'm so sad we live to far apart. It's awful, we'll have to start vacationing together.

Also, I was talking to Jonathan and we decided the longest we have been apart is 5 days. and I remember that was so hard! That seems so weird to me though, before I got married I was totally fine with being by myself, I was really independent and never needed anyone, and now if I don't see him for like 24 hours I start going crazy. I think it has to do with being in love ;)

Anyway, I love you, you are seriously the best, and we really need to talk more. I miss you tons. Can't wait to see you!

Adam said...

Aww, I hope that's how my wife feels (assuming I get married) about leaving me behind to go hang out with her friends. I mean, the whole care/worry/love thing. That's sweet.

And I don't think I know enough about what's going on with you to comment on anything else, so...yeah.

Billy and Amanda Cole said...

Adrianne, Billy and I have been married for almsot 3 and half years and have a baby on the way (2 more weeks) and we have such a problem being away from each other. We encourage each to spend time with our own friends but it never lasts very long. We both have made several trips alone for one reason or another since we have been married and it sucks every time. I think it is a good thing that we hate being apart so much. I think in a way it makes us grow closer and appreciate each other that much more.
Don't you love being married?! I think it is the best thing ever.
Enjoy your summer in kentucky. And that hair cut is super cute!

Sandra and/or Kevin said...

Glad your still in love and missing your husband. Kinda weird to see him and not you with him. Have fun at Maggies' graduation. Hopefully see you in Kentucky for a short/long weekend visit and a temple trip. Be safe/have fun..enjoy your solitude while you have the opportunity.

Sandra and/or Kevin said...
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SwEaRiKa said...

Hey! I love the haircut... and I made it to the end :) It is hard to be alone after you are married... just a few more days!

Sarah said...

I read ALL of it.

But no worries.

Even thought you're missing all those weddings...

You can come to MINE!

That absolutely does NOT make up for it. ha. but its something right?

and then we'll be married friends too :)

and I'm afraid...cuz even now when I hang out with my friends... i feel bad not being with Nathan for the night.

I'm glad I'm not the only one :)

I love you bunches!

TPlayer said...

I love that I have been hearing about Andrea (and I know Casi) for YEARS now. It's weird you're all married, and well...I'm still not. Whatever. Yes, married people fall off the planet and no...a girl shouldn't have to be married for you to stay friends with her.

Bonnie said...

You'll look HOT with your new hair. You're cute cutest. Love you babe!

Jody Nicole said...

not gonna lie. i read it all. it contained the word kentucky and i couldn't help but read on! good luck there, i SO hope that you find my lover boy. what city will you be in?

Andrea said...

I agree with Casi. On more points than one. I almost cried too. And I am ALSO jealous of all your MG gal pals. Because they get precious time with my dear little Adrianne and I don't. SNIFF!

Its ok though because I know you love me more. HAHA..joking..well sort of. :)

You can be Maggie's "super awesome...wish we were related" Aunt! Ok? I already refer to you and Casi as her Aunts. I have her try and look at pictures on the computer of you she "knows" who you are! :) Weird..I know.

Casi's family was a HUGE part of me joining the church, that's for sure! And I was 16. It'll be 5 years in August. Can you believe it? In 5 years I joined the church, got married, and had a baby. Well.. 2 of those things are within less than 2 years of you know!

AHH I miss you so much. Thanks for bringing a smile to my SUPER tired face!

Jenny Lee said...

adrianne, we will miss you! please dont miss my wedding! although i understand completely if you HAVE to. :)

Mariah said...

I read it all...and while I am not married, I am glad that you are missing your hubby greatly, it speaks volumes about your love for each other. your two friends remind me of my own best friends. Without them I would be lost... I love the quote - "A best friend is a sister DESTINY forgot to give you." And on a different note... I think that new hair cut and color are going to be an awesome choice!