Monday, July 27, 2009

To my marrieds...

From the wisdom of a 7-month newlywed...

To my girls who will be getting married within a month (or so, Annika)-- Bonnie, Kellie, Lindsay, Annika (and also, Jenny Francis, and a bunch of people who I know don't read this)...

When I think about my wedding day, I think first, about my first REAL trip to the temple. I won't say much about it besides (and I know you know this), this special experience is not a means to a marriage. It's like making yourself whole. That day is truly one of the best of my life. Be sure to really enjoy every second. Look around at everyone who is there with you, and think about the love of your family (and your Heavenly family). Spend the day relaxing with the ones you love. Talk about your favorite memories, things that excite you about the future, and your testimony. Love every second.

When the marriage day finally arrives, leave all of the details behind. Don't worry about your bouquet, hurting feet, or even pleasing every guest at your reception. Spend lots of time looking into the eyes of your eternal best friend and whisper special thoughts to each other. Remember your reflection that goes on forever, and all that that implies. Remember the look on his face when you turn the corner in your wedding gown and see him sitting there waiting for you. Notice his smile, and the way he watches you fall into his arms. It is magical. Most of all, pay attention to every second, every smile, every kind word, and every delicious smell (mmmmmmmm).

I love you all, and I so wish I could see the happiness that fills your countenance on this day that will forever change your life.. for the better.

the inexperienced, sometimes clueless wifey of Jed Young,


Andrea said...


You give good advise.
Sorry I couldn't give you awesome advise like this!

Sarah said...

I just cried.

I love thinking about my wedding.
and especially the way nathan looked when I turned the corner..
I wish i could have had a picture of that.

Jamilyn said...

I'm not usually a crier, but this just made me completely tear up.

I'm not getting married for another year, but I love your blog and I'll remember the advice.

Annika said...

Ummm...I love you. This is amazing Adrianne!!! I will do exactly what you said!!!
You'll be in Utah by September, right?

Lindsay Anne said...

i love you adrianne!!! thanks for the are a wise woman!

Bonnie said...

I think that was one of my favorite parts of the wedding day, when I turned around the corner and Aaron smiled so huge... but I don't know. I loved so many things about my wedding day. Thanks adrianne :)