Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Flash Flood of 2009

This morning Jed and I woke up to the wild barking of the neighbor's dog and incredibly loud crashes of thunder and blinding flashes of lightning. It was nuts! When we actually got out of bed, I checked the lights, and luckily, the power is still on. The rest of Louisville is not so lucky. We live along the very most southern border of Louisville, so we didn't get a lot of damage, but the entire city is flooded. This morning, the rain maxed out at 8.88inches/hour. That is so much rain. The last time they had a big flood (like 12 years ago), they got 12 inches in 30 hours. So far, we've had 6+ inches in one hour. And there's been an unusually large amount of rain the last few weeks, so the ground is already saturated. Plus, there's another big storm coming our way. On the news, they showed pictures of the main freeway flooded, the big U of L stadium and Churchill Downs flooded too.

I'll have to post some pictures soon. Pray that we won't get flooded!


Sarah said...

That's how it was when I woke up too!

Except we haven't had much rain so we aren't flooded.
I hope you stay not flooded dear!

Maggie said...

don't die!

Casi Bludorn said...

Girl, they are talking about that on our local news here, it's crazy!

Jody Nicole said...

please stay safe! and if you see my darling missionary! make sure he knows i love him too. did it hit lexington as well? i'd assume so.

Bonnie said...

I hope you're ok! let us know soon!