Monday, August 10, 2009

A visit to the state's Capitol

This weekend, Jed's family came to visit us! Kevin, Sandra, and jed's sister and brother Carly and Kole spend 3 and a half days here in Louisville. We did so many fun things and really enjoyed their visit.

On Friday we drove an hour east to the state's capitol Frankfort. We visited a park and historic site called Fort Hill. There they have an old log house and walking trail with information on the civil war era of Kentucky. We heard some interesting stories from our tour guide, but unfortunately, because of budget cuts, we didn't get to see any civil war reenactments. What a bummer...

This is the log house/cannon at Fort Hill.

This is the trail around the actual fort/soldier barracks

This is the view of the Capitol building from the lookout on fort hill.

More view
A spider web. sick.

Anyway, we also visited a Kentucky Bourbon brewery. We walked around and it was pretty interesting... kind of like a little village. The brewery was a network of buildings with overhead pipes connecting them all. They have ground tracks for the tram things they move the bourbon with. We ducked into one of the buildings, and I only lasted about 30 seconds. The smell was so strong, I couldn't breathe. My nose and lungs were burning.

notice the barrels in the windows...

I don't know how people drink that stuff.

Anyway, we also drove by the capitol building, and it was really pretty. All in all, we had a nice little visit to Frankfort!


Maggie said...

guess which comment goes with each picture {hint: they're in order}

pretty green!
beautiful view and awesome capitol
FrEaK OoOoUt!
kind of cool/had no idea/glad I didn't have to smell it

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