Monday, October 19, 2009

Mother Nature's Confetti

I don't know about you guys, but I've been sleeping for the past week. Today I ventured into this world of bright yellow leaves and crunched my way to and from school. Besides sweating all day (totally unnecessary), and not being able to eat breakfast (thus feeling weak all morning at school), I am feeling much better. I made sure I got a long nap before work, and now I seem to be feeling ok. I feel like I missed fall cascading off the mountains and into our front yard.
I always miss home at this time of year. Utah is beautiful in its own way, but this time of year in the midwest is extra exciting. Each of the small towns have their own festivals. Jed's hometown of Baldwin City has the Maple Leaf Festival. Raytown, my home, has Raytown Round-up Days. Independence has Santicaligon days... and another of my favorite's is Weston's Apple Festival. Each of the festivals offers games, crafts tents, show tents, and too much yummy food to even imagine. Amidst all of this fun, the leaves turn a firey red that you just don't see in UT. It is sure is beautiful.
One of the things I remeber loving most is the drives or walks I would take with my Dad and Stepmom. My dad would point out the many types of trees and fun facts about the clouds and weather. I can hear the leaves crunching beneath my feet as the three of us walked about the neighborhood.... the wind would lift my hair and make it dance.
Oh I am missing home right now, but UT sure is pretty too.
I love walking home from classes... no one else in sight. I let the falling leaves sway around me... showering me with this fall confetti (Mother nature's way of celebrating the great year before and going out with a bang).
I love it.
and tomorrow Jed and I are going on a hayride with our ward. I cannnnot wait!

Happy October everyone!


Anonymous said...

i'm so glad you're feeling better! keep sleeping lots!!
man, reading that made me almost cry. i miss home so much. i miss it a lot, but i miss it most in the springtime. i miss the thunderstorms. it NEVER rains in UT like it does in Missouri. nothing beats it.

Anonymous said...
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Sarah said...

You're right,

the midwest is the bomb diggity.

Candace said...

Adrianne, Missouri misses you too. Well, FP Ward for sure. I hope you are doing well and I will take a pic of the fall colors for you and post it on FB or my blog just for you. Love you.

sarah joelle said...

confession: i've been stalking your blog for awhile now but i never commented because it thought that might be slightly creepy--so i resisted. but i figure now its slightly more acceptable. :) anyway, i fully agree with you about the midwest. its totally the best place ever and i miss fall there so bad.

TPlayer said...

THANK YOU! People around here don't believe when i say "Yeah the mountains are pretty alright, but it's even better back home in KC where the beautiful colors are right there along your sidewalk." I love hearing people out here talk about taking a "fall drive through the canyon".... They're missing out on the homeland's "fall drive/walk to your mailbox."

Bonnie said...

Yes. I'm so homesick for the orangey red leaves against the green green grass. I miss the sidewalks LITTERED with leaves!

Jordan said... your description, Aydge. It is true..fall in the midwest doesn't compare to fall in Utah unless you drive up the canyon. Thanks for reminding us of the love of our Creator.