Monday, November 16, 2009

Quite Suitable

So. When Jed came home from the mission, he brought with him 1 suit and 1 pair of shoes. The suit is a charcoal wool, and the sleeves come about 3 inches too high (short). The shoes were in bad shape, as most mission shoes are. Sadly, with the expenses of the wedding, we couldn't buy him any new church clothes... quite yet.
In April, Jed went to SLC for conference, and saw his BEST mission friend (and now life friend), Elder Brock (or Brockli, as I like to call him). Brock's shoes were so torn up, that they were bothering brock! So what did my husband do? He took the torn-up-but-not-as-bad-as-brock's-shoes shoes right off of his feet and traded with Brockli. He did.
Since then, Jed has been wearing those very shoes, which have virutally no sole.. or form, for that matter. A new suit and shoes have been a priority for awhile, but we just haven't had the extra cash!
But we've been saving, and a couple of weeks ago... during Oprah's payless thing, we got Jed some nice church shoes for $10!
and Friday night....

brand spankin' new.

And it looks SOOOOO good on him! I will try to sneak some pictures once we pick it up. Sigh... I married a STUD!

P.S. Did i mention it has a vest? AND we got it for $150 off!


Casi Bludorn said...

Jealous! Jonathan is still wearing his mission suit and we have yet to buy him a new one. Where did you get Jed's? We need to find a good deal somewhere.

Andrea said...

Bo has suits from his mission as well, but instead of doing a Tux for the wedding we just went out and bought him a new suit since we saved money when my grandma made my dress. We bought his at K & G. Sometimes they have REALLY good sales. You just have to keep an eye out for them. And if you check payless on the 1st of DEC there should be some new markdowns on shoes. Not sure what yet though. But just FYI. (I guess that was mostly for Casi not Adrianne).
But props for Jed for taking the shoes off of his own feet.

Anonymous said...

I know how that goes! Tony's been home for almost 2 years and is still wearing the same shoes that he wore for about 6 months BEFORE his mission-- 4 1/2 years ago!! He'll be getting new shoes, or at least we're majorly hoping, for the wedding.

Sarah said...

We totally got Nathan some new clothes when Bachrach closed here. Totally nice stuff we could NEVER afford otherwise.

I wanna see pictures when you get it!

Jed is such a sweetheart for trading his shoes!