Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Dean Hughes

Is one of my very favorite authors.
is LDS.
writes historical fiction.

Dean Hughes has written several books, but I love him most for his Children of the Promise series and Hearts of the Children series.

I started reading the 5 books to Children of the Promise in early high school. I Instantly fell in love with the story of the Thomas family, LDS of course, living in SLC in the 1940s. This series follows the 6 children through the hardships of WWII. While reading you see the personal growth and changes of each of the characters, including the parents. You see them begin their life journeys, find love, lose love, and begin families. I feel as though I know each character personally. I cried with them. I celebrated with them. I LOVED them.
I've read the series twice, and each time I do I learn grow and reflect on this world I live in.
These are my favorite books.

Today, I started the Hearts of the Children books. Of course, I've only started the 1st of 4 novels in this series, and already I am hooked. All I can do to stop reading is watch The Biggest Loser (that is an entirely different post) and blog. This series follows the children of the generation in the series before (same family, same location). These books are unique because they can stand alone as their own series, but when connected to the Children of Promise, they are even more enjoyable.

This series takes place during the 60s and 70s, through racial turmoil, the cold war, Vietnam, and the Kennedy assassinations. I'm on page 93, and the Berlin wall is being built. So much more is yet to come.

If you are ever in need of an emotional, uplifting, and thought-provoking (no Mere Christianity, but it is interesting to ponder on the decisions and opinions of each character) series to engage in for the next few year (or months, if you're like me), then try these on for size.

I LOVE these books. And... did I mention? I've met Dean Hughes before!


Maggie said...


I love those books so much!!! I've read the promise series twice and the hearts series once. (Got them all from Orem library)

I'm a total history buff so of course I loved them. And honestly? I loved the hearts series the most because the time period was so interesting. I learned a lot and my eyes were opened to think a little outside the box.

Remember when we met Dean Hughes??!! Remember how he totally spoiled the story of one of the characters? Anyway. I'm glad we stopped to talk to him. Love all those books and would sure like to own the whole set someday.

SwEaRiKa said...

I have read Children of the Promise. They are a good read. Nothing else to report except I love you tons and can't wait to see you guys Saturday! Have fun with Dad tonight and make sure he buys you dessert!

Kristen said...

my mom has always wanted me to read his books. I guess I should. I am a sucker for a good tear jerker. thanks for the suggestion.

Jenny Lee said...

children of the promise is some of my favorite books. i love then. i started reading them with my sister in, i think, 6th grade and have read them many time since then!

Jenny Lee said...

p.s. i have the second of the series if you need to borrow it. :)