Friday, December 04, 2009

Christmas Memories

First of all, if you have ever met my sister Maggie.. or know her.. or want to... read her blog because she is HILARIOUS. She is posting 31 stories (for every day in Dec) from the 2000's. They are so funny! And it's something I've been looking forward to reading every day.

She has inspired me to do a little reminiscing myself. While I'm not doing the same thing as she is (I don't have as funny of a life as she does), I would like to share throughout the rest of the month, some of my favorite Christmas memories.

I had the wonderful experience of enjoying two Christmases at two houses-- Mom's and Dad's-- each year. I always rather enjoyed it, but I did hate leaving one house to go to the other. I always felt sad leaving my mom on Christmas. Christmas was different at each house. At Mom's Santa left big presents, unwrapped, in the living room. All small presents were under the tree from "Rudolph," or "Frosty the snowman".. or Mom and Rick.. or whatever. She did the most amazing stockings every year. She always put an orange in the toe, filled it with nuts, candy, small gifts, and an innumerable amount of love. Things were always a little chaotic.
My Dad's was more organized, and a little low key. Our stockings consisted of one candy bar, and a check from our Grandparents on both sides (Step Mom's and Dad's). The gifts were neatly tagged "To Adrianne from Dad and Ann." To begin, we always organized the gifts by recipient... and I always had the most (I'm the youngest.. what can I say?). We would go around in a circle.. each opening one at a time.
Both were great. Both provide traditions I would like to incorporate into my home. and Both shared lots of love!


Annika said...

haha, my christmas is probably more like your dad's....that's what my family does. We go youngest to oldest, and open presents one at a time, so we can see what each other got. haha. love you miss Adrianne.

acwilliams said...

How cute! And I'm stealing your background by the way.

acwilliams said...
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The Wettstein Family said...

I love hearing how other people do their Christmas "mornings". How fun that you get the example of two to choose what you like best from each! Now that you have a husband, you have THREE!!