Sunday, November 29, 2009

Christmas is coming

I've spent months thinking about the perfect gift for my husband.
I thought I'd come up with just the thing...
when we were walking through Best Buy, and I saw a side of him that I've never seen before. Just the sight of this item brought smiles, laughs, pleads, and the cutest little begs ever. I said "No, No, NO! TOO much money." while thinking of a way I could make it happen.
The subject never went away, and after days of watching him look up youtube videos about this... hearing him talk about how awesome it is... I realized I wanted one too.

Thanks for giving us both what we want, and saving us 40 dollars.

Too bad we ordered each others' with each other.

So now, the only exciting part is trying to get all of you excited about it... then sharing the big reveal after Christmas. Not gonna happen.

Still, it's a grrrreat gift!


Sarah said...

Awww. c'mon.
I think you should tell me.
You could totally call me and I promise I wouldn't say anything!

Andrea said...

um. NOT fair.

Ashley said...

Thanks for the Amazon idea. I totally bought a gift on Amazon today and it was way cheap. Thanks =)