Monday, December 07, 2009

An opportunity to help!

So, ever since hearing about the death of John Jones (the 26 yr-old medical student who died while caving exploring in SLC.. leaving behind a pregnant wife and young daughter), I have been devastated. I have no idea what his wife-- emily jones-- is feeling. I just cried and cried imagining myself in her position.

So, my beloved NieNie.. posted a link to an online auction benefiting Emily Jones. There are some really cute things, and You should go look!

More info here.


Lindsay Anne said...

This couple used to be in the married students ward that I am now! Everyone in our ward was so devastated. We weren't there obviously when they were. But I was so saddened by this story as well!

Annika said...

He was Brett's mtc teacher....crazy. Brett was heartbroken. such a sad story!