Thursday, December 10, 2009

Christmas Cookies

Every year, my mom would turn our kitchen into a cookie factory, pumping out HUNDREDS of Christmas Cookies each season. We delivered them to anyone and everyone we considered friends. When Christmas rolled around each year, we would start getting requests for or comments about the cookies. Mom always let us decorate them, but usually she told us exactly how to do it.

Stockings-- Red frosting, white frosting on the top of the stocking, and coconut sprinkled on the white part to give it some texture.

Stars-- Yellow, with sparklies.

Trees-- Green, with sprinkles as ornaments, with a brown chocolate trunk.

Angels-- White frosting and coconut again.. but they had little peach faces.

Santa-- Very realistic. Peach face, white/coconut beard. Red hat with little white pompom.

Basically, we were some sort of cookie decorating prodigies. Decorating was definitely fun, but the best part was delivering the cookies! Mom would always make me go to the door with a festively wrapped cookie plate, and everyone was always so gracious and appreciative!

I would love to do this with my kids It was always the highlight of the season, even if we did moan and groan from time to time!

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maggie said...

One day around Christmas time I stayed home sick from school. Our house was in the thick of christmas cookie mania.

Mom made these AMazing soft, thick, big stocking cookies. I was supposed to decorate cookies if I wasn't going to school. I think I ate the only ones I decorated.

When mom got home, she said, "Maggie, I made 12 big stocking cookies, and now there are only 2. What happened?"