Monday, December 14, 2009

Reasons NOT to live in the Brittany Apartments

Office hours are only 2 hours a day.
It is only single students, except for us.
You can hear everything in the apartments around you (thanks Mr. Cello Performance Major).
The walls are made from cinder blocks.
All lights are fluorescent.
They like to boot tenants' cars.
They apparently don't like to make money because they have four months of rent checks from us that they haven't cashed.
They STILL haven't given us a contract. (Might be good for us).
They don't fix broken fixtures.
They "patch" walls and ceilings with paint that doesn't match.
The carpet is at least 20 years old.
"Furnished" means unfurnished.
Everyone but us has a dishwasher.
The manager will steal your covered parking spot.
Everything is old, gross, and falling apart.
Undoubtedly, every time you do laundry, you will encounter a broken machine.

Reasons to Live in the Brittany Apartments
They'll give you a door-crack-stuffer when all of your heat escapes.
The laundry is cheaper than a laundry mat.
You get one covered parking spot (even if your old, closer one got stolen).
You get to make interest on your rent check money when it sits in your savings account.
You are bound to no contract, so you could move any time.
Your tolerance for cold water increases.
You can bang the place up, and no one will notice.
With no furniture, it seems your have vaulted ceilings when moving in.
You get to hear a cello concert every night from your own couch.

....... and my hot water it ready. Time to shower.


Jamilyn said...

Oh Adrianne. LOL. Cute post. Advice from a cello performance major in her second year of masters program- buy your loud neighbor a practice mute!

Bonnie said...

well... we might be moving out of ours! you can take our dumpy apartment anyday! (it sounds like it might be better here! haha.)

SwEaRiKa said...

Sorry about your apartment :( But remember how someday you will look back and laugh at what you lived in? It's all part of the college experience :) See you soon!

Sarah said...

You know... people always say that you have fond memories of your first apartment...
We already moved out of ours and none have come yet.
I wonder when the fondness is supposed to arrive?
love you!

Ashley said...

I just live a few blocks away from the Brittany and I didnt think they were that bad. Good to know for the future. Thanks!