Friday, January 01, 2010

Mushy Gushy...

So, I just wrote out an insanely long, insanely mushy post, dedicated to the hubs, reflecting on our first year together and how amazing it has been... how amazing he is.

But that's just not my style. It didn't feel right. That kind of stuff is kept for the handmade cards and sleepy snuggle moments.

A year ago today, the 1st of Jan, was the worst day of my life. One of the MANY things contributing to the drahhhhma was the little event called moving into our "furnished" apartment. Jed took the first load over and got our keys from the landlord. He came back admitting, sheepishly, that our apartment was totally EMPTY. I have never been so mad at him. I don't even know why I took it out on him so badly, but I'm just grateful he still married me the next day after all the mean things I said. I screamed, cried, hollered, threw things... and finally decided to go take a look and see what our new "home" was like. I came in, holding back the tears. It was terrible. I was speechless. Jed gently led me by the hand, took me into our future bedroom, and told me to lay on the floor. I did. and He nestled up close beside me. He looked into my eyes and said, "Look up!... It's like we have vaulted ceilings." If I hadn't known already (which I did), this was the final moment that I knew I was making the right decision. I smiled, perked up, and headed off to the rest of my stressful day. Jed has a special gift of being able to make me feel better about the worst situations. He's my own little Jasper Cullen.

And tomorrow a year ago (the 2nd) was and still is the best day of my life. I won't say much because it's all too personal and too mushy and too wonderful and queasingly detailed to post on here, but I will say I have never laughed more in a year than I have this one, and only because of my Jed. I thank my Heavenly Father every day that I was able to find someone so perfect for me.

I married a stud with beautiful blue eyes, a heart of gold, and a funny bone the size of Texas! I'm so grateful for the blessing I have to spend an eternity with my best friend!

Rover Roo!


Sarah said...

You guys are my favorite.
I'm happy you married Jed too! :)
You're perfect for each other.

Sarah said...
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TPlayer said...

I think your bouquet was broken. It didn't work.

Andrea said...

Con GRAD u ma lations.

maggie said...

love this.

Bonnie said...

"He's my own Jasper Cullen"


Haha, I'm glad it has been a good and mushy year for you. Love is an amazing thing.

Thanks for what you said on my blog, I think sometimes I forget how much power the gospel has, and how much we can do for our children. And I think you're right... Spunk has a lot to do with it... and aaron and I have plenty to share.

SwEaRiKa said...

I remember that day... it was a little scary! But glad you made it through and that you are part of the famdamily now! :)