Sunday, January 03, 2010

Young Family Christmas!

I had a great time spending a week with the Youngs in KS. I thought I would be a bit bummed... spending my first Christmas away from my family, but it was actually very pleasant, very memorable, and just plain fun!
We left for KS with Adam and Erika (Jed's sister and brother-in-law who live in WY) at midnight on Thursday night the 17th. We arrived friday at about 5:30pm... I'm not sure exactly because I slept the entire drive. Sorry guys!
Saturday we took our family pictures and went for an amazing dinner at Jade Mongolian... Jed's favorite restaurant. That night, Jed and I headed to my Dad's for a couple of days.

What a good lookin' family!

Sunday, we went to church at my old ward, which was a lot of fun. Jed left early for the Chiefs game with Adam (my dad's boss gave us free tickets, but i decided I didn't want to go). That night we went to my dear friends Andrea and Bo's house for a game night with friends Casi and Jonathan, newly married Emma and Tony, and of course Andrea and Bo. Things got a little heated by the end of the night (we're all very competitive), but it was still a great time... lots of fun.
Monday morning we went to one of the best breakfast places in KC, The Big Biscuit, to have breakfast with several of my old swimming teammates.. including my old coach Nancy Young. It was crazy seeing what everyone was doing 3 years later.

Adrianne and Casi-- after almost 15 years of friendship!
A fraction of my old swim team! The only 2 Mormons are married... of course!

Monday night we headed back to KS and did a unique gift exchange with all of Jed's family. We headed to Mass Street (the main drag in a college town, full of unique shops and restaurants), and were given an hour to spend only $5 on a unique gift we could give to man or woman.
So after about 30 min, we headed back to April's apartment, and we did the typical "draw a number, go in order, open or steal" thing... it was so fun! Some of the gift included a pound of fudge, undies from GAP, chipotle gift card, fancy soap dispenser (which Jed picked out and I got in the end... i love it), giant milk can (find of the night), Tim McGraw CD, and a few others. After the gift exchange, Adam (an awesome chef.. he did the soups for my luncheon and some of the reception stuff) and Erika served an AMAZING prime rib dinner with bruchetta, yummy roasted potatoes, rolls, and green beans... sorry if I forgot anything. It was seriously SO GOOD!

Jed and new baby Angelika (Katie's baby girl-- 3 months old)
Triese and Cherilyn (Katie's older girls.. they're very shy at first, but very cute and bubbly once they warm up to you)
April's Tree

On Tuesday Jed worked on his parents' new house with his dad, and the girls went shopping.
Wed, we went back to Blue Springs to visit my dad. They took us to their favorite mexican restaurant, and drove around town looked for Christmas lights.
Thursday-- Christmas Eve-- we ran some errands, helped my step mom make a big turkey dinner, did some laundry and iced sugar cookies. That night both of my step siblings came over with their kids and we all exchanged gifts. After, we headed to my Aunt's house and I got to see some of my step cousins and my grandparents who live in Southern Missouri. It's been awhile since I've seen my step Mom's family, so it was a lot of fun. It was here that my dad.... Jay Leak... the most stoic guys everrrrrr... dressed up as SANTA-- a sight I never thought I'd see... but my step mom wanted him to dress up for the kiddies, so after a lot of bickering.. my dad gave in. It was hilarious.. and wonderful... and something I'll never forget! It was blizzarding by then, so we headed off... very slowly... to KS that night.

My Dad's house

The table all ready for Christmas Eve dinner!

Me and Santa!
Christmas morning was SO FUN! My last several Christmases have been at my sister Jordan's house. It's always fun to watch her kids open their presents. We even have an extended Christmas after wards, where we siblings and our mom exchange gifts. I did miss all of that this year, but for once Christmas revolved around ME! Not me... but Jed and myself, his brother Kole, and sister April. Sandra and Kevin were so generous to all of us, and it was a blast actually being the KID again. We woke up at 5 am and had our Christmas! Jed got my a ZUNE HD (a microsoft itouch.. so awesome), and I got him the same. We also got each other little things for our stockings... lots of fun stuff! Jed's parents gave us way too much to mention, but the highlights include the game BUZZ WORD, a book of photography of Christ, jewelry for me and a watch for jed, and many more things. Oh... they also gave us AMAZING STOCKINGS filled to the brim with superb chocolate, oranges, toiletries, and we each got a box of cereal.
We all took naps after wards, and we had plans to go serve dinner to struggling families, but the blizzard prevented us from getting out.
The next day, Jed worked on the house again, and I hung out with April.

It has snowed SO MUCH!

We are very grateful for family, safety, and the chance to visit HOME!

Other highlights include Pizza Shuttle, Chipotle, visiting with Jed's high school friends, holding baby Angelika, getting to know my nieces and nephew better....and having no work or school!


Casi Bludorn said...

That sounds like so much fun! I'm glad you had such a great holiday, but mostly I'm glad I got to see you!! Miss you!

SwEaRiKa said...

Christmas rules. The end.

Annika said...

CUTE CUTE CUTE!!!!! All of these pictures area adorable!!!

Bonnie said...

How fun! I love family. This was my favorite Christmas ever!

Jordan said...

The Young pictures turned out incredible! Love them!
Thanks for posting all your Christmas pictures. Glad you had a fun and safe holiday!