Tuesday, January 19, 2010

This weekend...

Yesterday we had a nice little break from school! 3-day weekends really perk me up!

Between Saturday and Monday night we:
Mopped bathroom floor
Cleaned toilet
cleaned sink/vanity area
cleaned and sanitized fridge.. and now it looks empty even though I just went shopping.
kind of cleaned the oven
Cleaned the stove top, burner pan things, and under burners where things spill over and down into this weird compartment (Jed did this because it makes me wanna vomit)
Trimmed up Jed's hair (he did most of this too)
Did laundry
Made the bed
Got rid of a bunch of junk
taught a SS lesson
finally gave in a subscribed to netflix (last thing in the world we need to spend time on, but it's AWESOME)
picked up entire apartment so it looks humane

Yes... it was a good weekend. I know everyone has to do these things, but it just feels so good to finally get it done in our home!

And tonight I'm making super yummy chili!


Ashley said...

wow, I wish I got just as much done as you did, good job!!! Btw, we used clippers and it was still a disaster, hahahaha

Andrea said...

GOOO ADRI!!!!!!! :)
Wish we were that productive.
However, we disinfected and picked up our whole house right before casi came to visit.
it's like a quarterly ritual for us to go crazy cleaning like that.
too crazy to do it ALL the time!

Emma & Tony Pipes said...

Totally feel you on that one. I'm not in school right now, but I do work all day. It is sucky to come home to a dirty place. I cleaned up the house on Sunday. It felt nice!
Hopefully we'll live. I'm actually looking forward to going back to Rexburg. I never though I'd say that!

Sarah said...

Yay Netflix!

Sarah said...
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Bonnie said...

I always forget you're supposed to actually CLEAN the oven....

M'Recia said...

Netflix is the best. We should be friends.