Sunday, April 11, 2010


I need help solving this mystery!

My husband had to work today at 3:30. We ate dinner and watched "Matilda" and it was getting close to the time he had to leave. I was sitting on the couch the entire time after we finished dinner to about 3:30. I started calling Jed's name at 3:15 and got no response. I thought maybe he'd died of a heart attack in the bedroom or something, so I got up to look for him. There aren't many placed to look in our apartment, and he was nowhere to be seen. So i checked to see if the jeep was gone-- and it was.

I am mystified. Totally confused. When did he leave? Why didn't I see him? Did we say goodbye to each other?

I am so confused and weirded out-- what if I'm losing my mind!?

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M'Recia said...

He went out the window.