Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

Maybe this is dumb, but in the past, Memorial day has mostly been a day off from school and work. But over the last year, I have been reading my cousin Wes's wife Dana's (that's a mouthful) blog and she has opened my eyes to the world of army life. With my cousin's deployment days away, I have to say that this memorial day means more than in the past. I kinda feel silly because my cousin Weston and I aren't even super close, but I care greatly for all of the people in my family, including his wife Dana.

Today I'm feeling patriotism and pride for the country I live in. Also, I'm remembering the many people who have served and died. Dana makes a good point, you can't say "Happy" memorial day-- but we can take the time to reflect on what this day represents an the many lives that were given for our freedoms.

If you have some free time and netflix, there is a wonderful documentary titled "Medal of Honor." I've watched it and it really touched me.

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TPlayer said...

This Memorial Day has had me thinking about more than BBQs and nice weather also. One of my friends I grew up with in Olathe arrived home from 9 months in Afghanistan on Saturday. This was his 3rd deployment (the other 2 to Iraq). I was with his wife and siblings back in August when the buses pulled away from Camp Williams, and when the buses returned this past Saturday-there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd- especially knowing that 2 of their fellow Marines didn't come home. I love this country and I love the men and women who defend it. Thanks for your post.