Friday, May 28, 2010

New Discovery

What do I do when I have an hour of paperwork ahead of me?

I plug in my headphone, go here. click on favorites. and listen.

and my life, thoughts, experience changes.

I LOVE this. love. love. love.

thanks Maggie!

(try it. give it a listen. my favorites include "The Ghost of Bobby Dunbar" "Switched at birth" "The house on Loon Lake" and "Babysitting" (particularly the last act) )

I just cried listening to the first act of episode 299: Back from the Dead
Originally aired 10.07.2005
(about an airplane that had to make an emergency landing, and everyone on the plane were watching TV. And all of the stations were showing the plane that they were in.. and talking about how they were going to crash and stuff. CRAZY)

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Maggie said...

um did I tell you that I listened to that airplane one a few days before I flew to Utah? Bad idea.

Glad you love This American Life. I LOVE it! It makes for great conversation starters..."So I recently heard on This American Life..." It's always an interesting topic, so you will always have something interesting to talk about.