Friday, May 07, 2010


I got a request or two asking to show the sewing projects I made.

Well, I made my sister a nursing cover and a car seat canopy, but I only took a picture of the nursing cover.

This is what I made!
(ignore the fact that I look like a sweaty 13-yr-old with frumpy jeans)

I don't know if you can see it, but there is boning at the neckline so Mom can look at Babe and make sure he's ok. Also, the straps fasten with D-rings. Jordan wanted a subtle color, and I love the way it turned out-- so calming! I also added terrycloth pockets in the bottom corners. They can hold nursing pads, chapstick (Jordan ALWAYS has chapstick with her) or could be used as a burp cloth if you didn't have one in reach.

The car seat canopy I made turned out pretty good (the fabric was sooo cute and matched Jordan's new car seat and diaper bag perfectly... without even seeing it first-- soooo many straight line.. ugh), but I like the way the nursing cover turned out better. These are the tutorials I used!
Car Seat Cover/Canopy/Tent
Nursing Cover
(I also like this one)

And this is the little guy that will get to enjoy it (well... maybe it is for Mamma... but he is just so cute. I had to show off)!

So happy he's finally here! I love him!


Marie said...

Thanks for posting links to the tutorials! The green really is a pretty color.

Terri Ann said...

I just made my sister a nursing cover. It was one of my first projects. She just had a baby boy on Wednesday. Yours turned out way better than mine I think. LOL. I also put a pocket but it's just out of the same material.