Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Oh how I love naps! I take one almost every Saturday and Sunday... and I usually take a few during the week too. I have napped during classes, seminary, work, car rides, movies, and oh so much more.

Some days I wake up looking forward for my chance to nap! There is nothing better than snuggling deep between the blankets and snoozing for an hour... or two.

But lately naps have been breaking my heart. Life seems sweet as my eyes close and I gently fall asleep, but I am waken up by an incredibly sharp and painful headache. This contrast (soft and sweet to harsh and loud) is quite uncomfortable, and I just hate it.

Body!? Why don't you like naps anymore?

Why does my brain hemorrhage every time I wake up?

Why do I suffer from brain aneurysms at the exit of the REM cycle?

Why doesn't Excedrin Migraine kill you instantly, headache!?

Suggestions anyone!?


Cassie Lynne said...

That's been happening to me a lot too! Someone told me it could be the heat, but who knows. I hope you figure it out though!

Kel said...


I know, I know... Lots of people don't believe in drinking carbonation or caffeine, but I'm telling you, I couldn't make it through my headaches without it. I take 3 ibuprofen, then 3 hours later, I take an excedrin, then 3 hours later, 3 more ibuprofen, and so on. And I keep a diet coke with lemon in my hand.

Pretty sure that combination cures my hormone headaches, migraines, AND dehydration headaches.

It may not work for everyone, but maybe it's worth a try?! I hope you get feeling better!

Jenny Lee said...

i cant take naps partly because of this. so i usually just dont take naps anymore. caffeine can cause headaches, the more you drink, the more headaches you can get. soda crackers help with the nausea from migraines.

you might be grinding your teeth in your sleep. i do that a lot. try to relax your jaw when you are falling asleep. put your tounge on the roof of your mouth. also if you have allergies and your sinus is clogged that will give you a head ache. hope this helps

The Wettstein Family said...

What a coincidence, I just visited my neurologist yesterday for my migraines. She said the heat is bringing on a lot of headaches. Yours are probably from heat and dehydration. Use caffeine as a last resort, and that includes Excedrine because your body gets used to the caffeine and it no longer helps. Try drinking a lot of water and using a humidifier. Take two Tylenol as soon as you feel a headache coming on. If it doesn't go away in two hours, try Ibuprofen. :) Good luck! I HATE headaches!