Monday, July 19, 2010


That is the sound of our blissful weekend abruptly ending. (No, we didn't get in an accident or anything... it is just an abrupt end to such a nice 4 day weekend)

I will post more about that later, but for now, listen to this!

My brother... the wonderful Bremen Leak residing in Mali, Africa just sent me and Jed a wonderful gift!

An ANNUAL PASS to all federal parks and stuff like that.

It came in the mail before he said he was sending anything, and I was so confused. I almost threw it away thinking it was junk mail, but for some reason I kept it.

And then I kept waiting and waiting for what he was sending that he was so excited about.

I got a postcard and was like.... whaa? He's this excited over a postcard?... but I did like the postcard.

Then, he sent me the confirmation email he got, and i was like OH!!! And i ravaged our apt trying to find it, hoping I hadn't thrown it away. And I found it.

AND we are so excited! We want to go to Yellowstone (since I have never been there), Zion's, and many more cool places in the next year!

YAY! Thanks Bremen!


Nikki & James said...

how fun is that!! I didn't even know that existed!! I'm jealous!

Marie said...

What a cool gift! Arches in Moab is another must see :)

Autumn said...

I love your blog :) And you and how cute you and the hubby is. I see a peacock feather on him.. Do you have pictures of your wedding? I'm trying to get ideas.

Andrea said...

There are quite a few awesome places here in Missouri you can use that for too ya know! Come visit!

Andrea said...

Ok..I kinda lied. There aren't any national parks in Missouri. But there are national historic sites/battlefields that I think they "include" in the pass. I'm not for sure though.
Either way.
Come here.