Thursday, August 19, 2010

A song that reminds me of someone, of somewhere, and of an event

Casi Bludorn, my lifetime friend, is the one who inspired me to do this challenge, so I will dedicate this song to her. In high school, we were both into dispatch. I'm pretty sure we only knew three of their songs, but they were and are really good. All three remind me of her, but this one she posted as knowing all the words to, so here it is.

(I could also do Paper Planes by MIA for Jed... he has a cute dance for that song, so I always think of him when it plays)

While Jed was on his mission, I kept a terribly mushy, gushy play list on repeat for basically 2 years. I would listen as I walked from the Bean Museum parking lot, past the bell tower, and toward campus.. then back. Every time I hear Jordin Sparks' NO AIR, I think of the bell tower. I also think of snow.

An event:
Growing up I used to go to the Lake with my neighbor/friend Melanie Chadwick as often as I could. Later, once we became good friends with Courtney Monroe, we all three went, and had a blast. One summer, we made the ultimate summer mix, and I can specifically remember dancing so hard on the dock that it was shaking and we could stand up straight. It was so fun! Baha Men: Move it like this. so bad.

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TPlayer said...

Are you kidding me?! That last song has EFY written all over it!