Thursday, September 09, 2010

Jed's 23rd Birthday

Yesterday we celebrated Jed's 23rd birthday. I LOVE birthdays, and I hope I made him feel extra special... even though he didn't get to open one present from me (he got a TV for his birthday... a few weeks ago). We got up at 6, and I made him muffins, but they weren't going to be finished before he left, so I made a PB&J and thermos of milk for him. He had to work for a couple of hours in the morning and in the evening, and he had 5 hours of school in between, but once he got home he was greeted with a birthday sign, balloons, and me making a German Chocolate cake... from SCRATCH (i firmly believe it is the yummiest thing I have ever made... ever.. waaaayyy better than last year's). But before we ate the cake, we went to dinner at Red Lobster, thanks to my Mom and Dad who both sent him a gift card there. Growing up, I always thought Red Lobster was kind of white trash for some reason... but that place is (1) Expensive, (2) pretty nice, and (3) DELICIOUS! Our food was amazing! Seriously... I was super impressed!
Once we got home we lit the candles on the cake, and I sang to Jed. He blew out the candles, but was too full to eat the cake.... but nothing stands between me and chocolate. Next, we found Blu Ray (?) AVATAR waiting for us from netflix. It was the first time we watched a blu ray (?) on our new TV. AMAZING.
We only lasted like 30 min though cause we were so tired.
Then... bedtime!

He doesn't like taking pictures...

Blue border? I dunno...
Don't mind that the cake already has two pieces cut from it....
I love this picture... he is SO handsome!
Happy Birthday, my love! I hope it was a special one for you. I love you and thanks so much for everything you do for us. You are the best friend/husband a girl could ask for!

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