Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Personal Crisis

I need to evaluate my life. seriously.

I have no idea what my style is. I kind of just buy whatever I like, but it's not cohesive.

I need to figure out my clothing style and my home decor style.

How do i go about doing this?

Am i pathetic?

My freshman year, I had two roommates who each had their own sense of perfectly-defined style. When we went shopping, I could pick out their styles in one second. With me?.. it's just whatever is cheap and somewhat appealing. I want to be more like those girls were/are.

Also, I have a terrible habit of buying clothes that are too big for me. I was 0/4 last weekend on my shirt purchases fitting correctly. and I took off the tags before I could take them back (AGAIN), but they're still cute.



Marie said...

I wouldn't say that's a crisis, I would call that busy. I understand how you feel though. I see how others decorate their apartments and wonder why mine can't look that complete.

The Wettstein Family said...

I always say I'm too poor to have style, so if you find a way on a tight budget, let me know your secret! I've always thought you and your sisters had a lot of style. So, don't worry, you have us all fooled!
Btw, I am so embarrassed and so sorry that you didn't get the invite to the shower. I just copied an email list from an email from Grandpa that I assumed was going out to everyone in the family when it only went out to the sisters. I thought cousins were included on the list! I really dropped the ball. It's totally my fault. ;( I'm so bummed that you could've come and didn't get to because of me. I always feel like it's such a treat to see you, and I was sad you couldn't come to the reunion. Hopefully, we can get a cousins party going soon! Love you!

Stephanie said...

Adrianne. Consider me your intervention. It sounds to me that you have an eclectic style, which basically means it doesn't have to be cohesive.
And I've seen the pictures you've posted on your blog of your home. Home decor style can be done on a budget. One of my first apartments was really nice. I would call it dollar store chic. Its all a matter of if you feel comfortable in the space.

And as for the clothes. Don't take the tags off unitl you try them on!

You're wonderful Mrs. Adrianne. Don't ever forget it.