Sunday, October 10, 2010

Jeddybear and Kiddos

I'm not sure that I've mentioned it yet, but Jed and I received our calling and are now permanent primary substitute teachers. Jed was instantly excited, but I was a little nervous. I love kids, but I'm not sure I love the idea of being with different kids each week, never getting to know any one group very well. Also, I've never worked with kids before. Sunday school, yes. Relief Society, yes. But I've never taught anyone under 18. (except maybe a little here and there to my nieces and nephews)

So today was our first try at our new callings. At first we were told that we weren't needed, so we headed to the adult sunday school class (which is... slightly on the dry side).
Then, we were rescued by one of the primary leaders! We rushed to an adorable class of four kiddos who were all eight years old.

They were... hilarious. Jed and I were laughing the entire time.

Also, we didn't have a manual, so we were told to teach the Plan of Salvation.

My husband is my hero.

Today was one of those days when I just sat back and watched him work his magic. He amazed me a) with his ease of explaining the gospel and b) his ease with working with kids. They LOVED him! I interjected a little, but I could tell they only wanted to hear from him.

The kids were so awesome, and it really got me excited to work with more kids in the future!

I am so excited for the time when we will expand our family, and I will get to watch Jed interact with our kiddos every day. I may not know much, and I definitely have a lot of flaws, but I can't wait to teach our kids about the gospel and all the happiness it brings us. I am confident that with Jed on my side, I can do almost anything!


M'Recia said...

That was my calling for about 3 months and then they made me First Counselor in the Primary.

Andrea said...

I loved teaching the primary kiddos! It gave me a chance to strengthen my testimony of the "little" stuff that's really not so little.
They actually just released me as Primary Secretary. We'll see where they put me next :)
(P.S. Bo and I substituted a few times before...and it was almost the same situation I sat back and watched him work his magic. I love husbands!)