Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas Highlights

We spent Christmas eve at my sister Jordan's house in Lehi. We had the usual dinner of hor'dourves... veggie plate, shrimp cocktail, coconut shrimp, chicken pillows, baked brie, and some other things.
We played some games.. scum, BS.. so fun, and I won both.

Christmas morning we were alone at our apartment. We woke up around 8, and had our own Christmas. It was really nice and laid back.

Around 1pm we headed back to Jordan's and had our traditional ham dinner. It was so yummy! We hung out all day and played with the nephews and all their new toys.

Sunday we headed to church and later, My dad and step mom came to stay with us. It was my step mom Ann's birthday, so we had dinner and some dump cake Jed made for us. We exchanged gifts and watched Despicable Me, Brian Regan, and the Office... my dad is a huge fan.

We have been working all week, but starting tomorrow I get another four day weekend. Jed is working more than usual, and I wish time could stop for a second and we could just relax.

Here are the gift highlights from each other and extended family:
Toy Story 3 Blu-ray
Beauty and the Beast Blu-ray
Fried green tomatoes dvd
NEW Paula Dean Pots and Pans
Bead watches
nice kitchen knives
electronic label maker

Avatar (Jed got this for me too, so we'll have to exchange it)
A super awesome remote control helicopter
Headlamp flashlight thing
Carhart coat
new fishing stuff, including a new reel and pole (from his parents)
that new ratchet tool thing from Black and Decker

The most precious gift we got was from my sister Jordan and her husband Mike. They have spent hours and hours (like in the 100s) transferring all of our family's home videos from so many years ago. We only had our videos on VHS, and they were mixed in with old tv comedies and other random stuff. So they condensed 18 hours of boring footage into 4 dvds of the highlights. I thought I'd seen most of this footage, but I've probably only seen about 1/4 of it. It is such a blessing, and so amazing to see each of me and my three siblings as kids. I was such a cute baby!

Overall, Christmas was wonderful. Now, we're just looking forward to New Year's and our 2 year anniversary on Sunday! Hope you all had a great holiday!


Casi Bludorn said...

Sounds like a fun Christmas!

Bremen said...

What a great blog. I will read it in between my depressing news and politics blogs.

Glad you had a great Christmas! Miss you!