Monday, December 13, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree...

A couple of weekends ago, Jed and I traveled to one of our favorite places in all the world-- Afton, Wyoming.

Our mission: Find a Christmas tree.

Besides getting to hang out with the Benches, our main goal was to go into the wilderness and find ourselves our dream Christmas tree.

1. The snow was knee deep in some places
2. Christmas trees in the wilderness are quite different from the ones you see at Christmas tree lots (wilderness trees are pretty bare and kind of sad looking).

We went with Adam, Erika, babyBench Taylor, and dog Aspen. It was really fun walking through the crisp, uninterrupted woods, each of us searching for the perfect tree. I'd hear someone yell "Over here! The perfect tree." Then, we'd all make our way to check it out, and we'd find something wrong with it. But finally, finally, each of us found our family tree, and all was right in the world.

Overall, it was a great experience, and I definitely want our kids to enjoy it too! Jed grew up doing this, but this was my first time! I will always remember it!

Anyway, here are some pictures of the experience.

Doesn't this look magical? It was!

A) Ignore how gigantic I look. B) Seriously.. knee deep snow!

So handsome!

Jed after victoriously chopping down the tree he found for us!

The Benches! I love that Taylor is an outdoorsy girl. It was pretty cold, but she was smiling the entire time. She LOVES being outside. Such a cute family! (Sorry I posted a picture of Adam with his eyes closed... it's my favorite one)


Annika said...

WOW!!! were you FREEZING in the knee deep snow? I would've died.
But it looked like so much fun!

Casi Bludorn said...

That looks so fun!

Godfrey's said...

This looks awesome! I did this for the fist time with Bradley's family too and it was a blast! You guys look like you were freezing but had a lot of fun!

Kira Cherry said...

WoW! Look at all that snow! I was shivering when I saw you knee deep in snow. Brr! Looks like so much fun though! =)