Friday, December 10, 2010

Yet, surprisingly.. updeat!

(Name that movie, and get 10 points from me)

I feel like maybe I've been a bit of a downer lately. I'm sorry bout that.

To make it up to you, let me tell you about my beautiful day.

I woke up at 8 and showered. Jed came home at 9 bearing gifts of yummy groceries. He made us a delicious breakfast including eggs, bacon, hash browns, and English muffins.

Next, we continued watching Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. Then, around 11, we decided we were pretty tired, so we took a snuggly nap together. This happens so rarely, but when it does, it just fills my heart.

Two hours later, I was at work.. yuck. But I calculated my hours, and I could only work 3 hours today to meet my 20 hr/week max. JOY!

So, now I am home. It's 4:30, and I get to spend the rest of the night watching movies and hanging out with my sweet husband.


Marie said...

That does sounds like a good day! Naps are wonderful things, especially when busy schedules deprive you of sleep at other times during the week.

Jenny Lee said...

how to lose a guy in ten days!!

Casi Bludorn said...

That sounds like the perfect day, I'm jealous!

Jaclyn said...

Those simple days are the best in the world. And unfortunately because they don't happen very often we really appreciate them when they do. I hope you found an internship. When do you finish school? And just so you know, it really feels THAT good when you're finally done. I still appreciate that I'm done and it has been 10 years.