Saturday, March 12, 2011

Oh, you know me...

I think I'm oh so crafty and smart.

Tomorrow morning, I am throwing a shower for one of my dearest friends Bonnie. A BABY shower! It's not going to be super fancy, but we will have lunch, open presents, talk A LOT (MGs... hello, don't we always?), and decorate onesies.

I have such an awesome idea. And it may or may not include JUSTIN BIEBER lyrics. You have one guess.

I'm going to raise my godson right, ok!?

I have spent the last two nights working diligently on some sweet little gifts. I reeeeally want to post pictures, but I'll have to wait until after the shower. I hope Bon likes them as much as I do (and doesn't notice the flaws). So come back and tell me what you think!


Le Pamplemousse Rouge said...

It's too bad I don't live in Utah :( I'd love to finally meet all my fellow MG's and hang out. Have fun- I'm looking forward to the pics :)

Bonnie said...