Sunday, March 06, 2011

Women, Families, and Julie B. Beck

Today in RS someone mentioned this article by Julie B. Beck in March's ensign. This article is kind of targeted towards parents and leaders of the Youth. I can identify with wanting to prepare for that stage of my life, but also, sometimes I feel like a youth. I feel like I am so young in the gospel, and I want to grow! This part stuck out to me:

"The story of Isaac and Rebekah is an example of the man, who has the keys, and the woman, who has the influence, working together to ensure the fulfillment of their blessings. Their story is pivotal. The blessings of the house of Israel depended on a man and a woman who understood their place in the plan and their responsibilities to form an eternal family, to bear children, and to teach them."

In RS, some of the women touched on the idea that one of a woman's greatest roles is to set the tone in the home. The more I thought about it, the more I wholeheartedly agree. We do have a sacred influence on our homes and families. We can use this to strengthen or even weaken.

Also, the article really talks about the importance of families in today's society. I agree. I know the family is sacred and should be protected. I want to show the world that having a strong family is good and right.

So anyway, I wanted to share this, not to make anyone feel guilty, but because I found it as a nice springboard to make myself a better wife and someday mother. I hope you enjoy!

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Lacey said...

Thanks for posting that talk Adrianne. I loved reading it. And I love how the sriptures and the prophets quoted are so solid.

Sometimes I am scared to death to be a parent in todays world. With how aweful the world is today- sometimes I feel like I have no control over what my kids will be able to see or not see.

But like you said- I can always have control over how my home is run and the spirit that resides in the home. DEFINITELY something I need to work on before Lydia is a teenager. :)

Thanks for sharing that!