Tuesday, June 07, 2011

Sunny Day

It's actually starting to feel like summer. I love it.

My childhood summers included walking to the town's waterpark called Super splash.  I would spend my days practicing my dives, daring watersides, and searching for pennies. Watching dumb kid shows like Nick Jr and whatever else was on back then. I loved riding bikes and playing basketball with my neighborhood friends, and I always did some kind of exploring through the woods around our house.

My teen summers included swimming all day in one of my BFF's pools, eating sour bomb pops, walking to the neighborhood grocery store and buying snacks, TP-ing friends... and foes, amusement parks, tan skin and cruising Noland Road with friends. Nights were late late late. And I had so much fun!

Now my summers include a few weekend getaways to Wyoming, reading, trying to exercise, and the occasional fun activities like hiking, water parks, amusement parks, cook outs, camping in the mountains, and so much yummy summer food (corn on the cob, watermelon, fruit fruit fruit, and grilled deliciousness). While all of this is so much fun, I still work (and usually do some sort of schooling). Between Jed and My schedule it's hard to get away for any period of time. But I still love summer so much!

Bring it on!

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