Tuesday, July 26, 2011

My sista, Jordan (or Jorge)

After receiving a text from Jordan telling me how bored she was (I don't believe it), I decided to head on up to Lehi and spend the afternoon with her and her two youngest boys. My brother in law and two oldest nephews are at lake powell for a family thing, so Jordan has been alone/will be alone with the two baby boys (1, 5) for 8 days! Yikes!

I hung with these guys (minus Mike)

Anyway, it was a blast! I watched her organize her house a bit, got to play with my favorite boys ever, and we had a nice picnic via Cafe Rio at a nice and shady park in American Fork. After dinner, we (aka Jordan) made delicious tapioca pudding-- a wonderful redemption over my tapioca failure of the century on Sunday.

We then watched the Bachelorette after spending 20 minutes talking about how lame it is this season. It really is...

It sure was a treat spending time with half of the McClellans! I wish I could do it more often!

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