Thursday, July 28, 2011

Staying busy...

I haven't blogged much lately because I feel there is just too much to say! Things are complicated but in a good way, so here are the simplified happenings of our lives.

We are moving two blocks away to an apartment so we can be next door neighbors with our couple-friends Jessy and Kyle Kubal. Kyle and Jed served their missions together, and I have been friends with Kyle since he got home. Then he got married to Jessy a few months after us, and we all hang out whenever we can! I will probably never see my husband again, but at least I'll have a girlfriend to hang with anytime I want (right,  Jessy?).

Tomorrow I am heading to St. George with a few MG girls. I am super excited because I have never been there before!

I am still on the job hunt and am working hard at BYU and at my internship at the Aquarium. I am enjoying it, but somedays I leave home at 7:30 and don't return until 10 or 11.

And life is good! I don't mind being busy as long as it's a good-busy. I hope it stays that way!

What's keeping you busy nowadays!?

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Annika said...

You've never been to St. George??? Well I am very excited for you!!!