Thursday, May 03, 2012

Dear Baby

Dear baby,

You haven't even made your appearance yet and you have already filled our hearts with more joy, hope, and excitement than we have ever experienced. Your daddy says that your ultrasound is the happiest moment he has experienced so far. I can't disagree. We couldn't wipe the smiles off our faces as we watched your perfect little body squirm around on the ultrasound screen. You flashed us a peace sign, crossed your legs like a little lady, and suffered through our shakes and pokes as we tried to get you in the right position for all of the pictures.

We laughed, I teared up a bit, and most importantly we got to see your healthy body do everything it should. I haven't stopped thinking of you since. Our daughter. You, little girl, are gong I be my buddies for life. And your daddy is already planning all of the fun things you will do together.

 I can also feel you moving around inside my tummy. Your movements make me smile and feel so blessed that I get to carry you around with me all day everyday! Everyone already loves and prays for you all the time. We can't wait to meet you in just five short months!

Your MOM


D & A said...

So sweet! =)

Andrea said...

Yeah. way to make me cry. Love you Adri!