Thursday, April 26, 2012

Good Gally!

Last weekend, I had the wonderful and much-anticipated opportunity to go to Washington D.C. With my big sis Jordan to visit my big Bro Bremen and my other big sis Maggie. There are four of us you see, and with ten years between us and each of us in very different stages of life, it's very rare that we are all together. The last time we were was my wedding over 3 years ago. The trip was wonderful, and we had a blast. Once said siblings finally send me their pictures, I will do an amazing post all about our fun.
 But the purpose of this post is very different. And puhlease excuse my drah-matic flair, but it is needed to tell this story. It was Sunday evening, and the four of us had just enjoyed a lovely dinner of pasta and red sauce, salad, and a few mini Cadbury eggs. We had just spent an hour or so laughing over ridiculous YouTube videos and chocolate chocolate chip cookies were baking in the oven. I noticed some sharp pains twanging right below my ribs. Before I knew it, the pains had circled around to my back. I chalked it up to bad heartburn and an awkward sitting position. I played it off for awhile.

Then tried laying down. And it got worse. So I got in an awkward position on all fours to try to relieve the pressure. This is when the sibs noticed something was up. They started asking all kinds of questions, but I feel like I don't even know my body right now, so all I could say is "I don't know." they started rubbing my back and trying lots of remedies to relieve the pain. It just kept getting worse and worse, and I was scared and sad and couldn't stop crying. This is not like me. I finally got in touch with my mother in law who is a nurse. She asked a few questions and thought it might be my gallbladder, whatever that means. She suggested I go to the ER. We tried calling my hospital here in Utah and they suggested the same thing. It was our last night n town, and I was very hesitant to go to the hospital because I didn't want to miss our flight home the next day. After awhile, I couldn't breathe, walk, sit, stand, keep food down, or anything else. So off we went to the ER.

 The rest of the experience was a blur. We arrived around 9pm. They told me they needed to check the baby first. And even though I was n the worst pain of my life, I remember being excited to hear the baby's heartbeat. The baby was fine, thankfully. So then they started focusing on me. I got some blood work done, an IV, some heavy duty pain meds, and who knows what else. Finally, I got an ultrasound and they verified that I had gallstones. Luckily it appeared to be a flare up and immediate surgery wasn't needed. At about 2:30am they admitted me, and I spent the rest of the night on the oncology floor. I am so grateful that my sibs were there to rub my back, carry my things, answer questions for me, give me my vomit bucket, hold back my hair, and even help me go potty.

 The next morning I was feeling much better, and I told EVERYONE who stepped to my room (that I shared with a mystery patient) that I had a flight to catch and I needed to get out of there ASAP. Thankfully they obliged after I talked with the doctor and passed the test of keeping down some soft foods.

 I was not familiar with gallbladder issues at all. Basically, you can't pass the stones, so I have to manage the condition with my diet until the baby comes. No fat, no spice, and I have to be careful with veggies, dairy, fiber, and anything else that might be hard to digest. We are all just crossing our fingers that I can make it through the remainder of this pregnancy without another attack. Once the baby comes, we will be able to get the gallbladder removed. I am so grateful that things happened the way they did. It was our last night, we didn't have any plans, we made our return flight, the baby was perfectly fine, I didn't have to have emergency surgery across the country, and these things really make me happy. I feel blessed.

 On the flip side... I am having a hard time. Jed keeps reminding me that this is totally doable, but I'm not going to lie... It is hard for me. I just feel like this pregnancy has been pretty hard so far, and I was just getting over my morning sickness and looking forward to an easy month or two. I can't indulge in any of my pregnancy cravings. I can't eat out. I can't just eat whatever is on hand or easy. I have to evaluate every thing I put in my body. I have been terrified to eat anything other than chicken noodle soup, crackers, juice, and Popsicles. Consequently, I feel weak and tired... And lost. I don't even know what to put in my body, and that should be one of the easiest things for an adult to do.

But we will get through this. As mentioned before, we have been tremendously blessed so far, and I know Heavenly Father has had a hand in this. And He definitely hears my prayers. There are much much worse things to go through, and I know I will look back someday and wonder why it was ever such a big deal to me. Life is good! And I have more important things on my mind allll day long, such as our DAUGHTER!


Emma said...

Hm, maybe it's different because you are pregnant, but I just avoided fat (ate nothing w/ more than like, 3-5 grams of fat) because that is the biggest trigger. I ate the other stuff just fine. I'm not a doctor though, so...

But yes, that is one of the worst worst pains in the world (I remember writhing on the floor in pain), and I hope you don't have another attack!

Andrea said...

I love you! And you're an amazing Mommy already. I couldn't imagine having to pick and choose what I eat while pregnant. Sending you all the love and hugs I can muster!

D & A said...

How scary! You are such a strong girl and can do it!! I'll be keeping you in my prayers.

Adrienne said...

Congratulations on your DAUGHTER! Hope you're feeling well. Keep up the good work, you'll be a great mom and you'll forget about everything once you hold your baby.

Natascia said...

So sorry you had to go through that, but so excited that you're having a little girl! We're so happy for you guys :D

JeRiCa said...

You pooor baby! I feel for you so much! I had those throughout my pregnancy too! I didn't have an attack like that, but I was in a lot of pain constantly and I had to eat SUPER carefully. I slept on a heating pad every night and I feel like I still have back problems from the pain! But it sounds like yours are even worse and I'm so sorry! Oh but that sweet little baby is SO worth it and I know you know that! Miss you!