Saturday, September 08, 2012


Every once in awhile, I find myself updating my Facebook Status too often in one day, but I still have lots of things I want to say. That is what brings me here today..

Random thoughts:

1) Doing the dishes is getting hard because my belly is so big, I have to hunch over the sink to reach everything.

2) Today is Jed's birthday. He is the joy of my life. I love him.

3) Sometimes, certain events or experiences can easily be explained away by logic and reason, but truly, they are little miracles and tender mercies sent to us from a Loving Heavenly Father. Today, I experienced one of those, and I am so very grateful. Aren't we so blessed to have such an all-knowing and caring Father in Heaven who is just waiting to bless us, whether we ask for it or not? He knows the desires of my heart better than anyone else, and that in itself is quite amazing. The best part? He knows all of the same about you, every one of you.

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