Tuesday, October 23, 2012

1 Month Old

Today our little Juliet turns 1 month old. Here are some of the things she has accomplished in the last month.

 Juliet has:
*Survived birth and made her parents (and everyone else, for that matter) fall deeply in love with her.
*Mastered the skill of breastfeeding
*Met a large majority of her family (Grandmas Jones and Young, Aunts Erika, Carly, Maggie, and Jordan, Uncles Adam and Mike, Cousins Taylor, Trevan, and Carsten, Great Grandparents Goodrich, extended family Darcy, Amber, Jared, and Lilly, friends Bonnie and Britt)
*Flashed many cute smiles
*Become vocal with crying, grunts, coos, and other adorable sounds
*Taken her first two bottles
*Transitioned from disposable diapers to cloth diapers
*Had her umbilical cord come off (2 weeks)
*Gone out to dinner (Cafe Rio and Station 22)
*Gone on a girls' night with Mommy and Aunts Jordan and Maggie
*Gotten her pictures taken professionally
*Received her Social Security Card
*Spent lots of days hanging out with Mommy
*Played with Daddy
*Rolled over (with a tiny bit of help)
*Learned to love Tummy Time and baths
*Gotten so good at sleeping for long stretches at night (usually only wakes up once or twice between 10pm and 8am)
*Provided so much joy to her parents

We are loving our Miss J and are excited to have her baby blessing in two weeks. She is the cutest and sweetest baby ever. Jed and I are in a battle of who can give her the most kisses. I think I am winning.

Side note: I am having Gallbladder surgery this week. My mom is coming in town to help out. Wish me luck!


Jennie said...

Gallbladder...sounds like no fun. Mom's a great!! Hope it all goes well!

D & A said...

I can't get over how beautiful she is. Seriously, Matix and Juliet need to get married ;) I can't wiat to meet her.

I'll keep you in my prayers next week when you have your surgery.

Andrea said...

Good luck! She's so super cute. Wish I would've done a list like this with both my kiddos. Keep posting pictures, she's adorable.