Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Classic Skating

How old am I again?

57? Oh yes..

First, I wore my knee-length ill-fitting shorts so my heat flashes wouldn't get the best of me. Upon arrival, I laced my smelly, germ-infested skates on as tight as I could for ultimate ankle support (followed by 2 squirts of hand sanitizer)... and I must mention that my "purrrrfect" kitten socks were overflowing my steamy, leather rollers. I hesitantly stood and shuffled my way to the rink's metal railing, carefully calculating the possible outcome of each step. The children flew by, the air whirling past my ears causing a massive pump of terror to circulate through my body. Eeeeeee.... My bones creaked. My forehead glistened. I skated along...

And all was well. I only took down one little boy (who I was actually trying to help along).

I haven't skated in nearly 10 years. Putting on those skates of death was a scary leap for me! Such an experience.
I saved a life. I saw one almost lost. and I ate a pretzel with cheese!

All in all, a good day!


Annika said...

Haha, you write wonderfully.
Novel material.
I love and miss you my dear Adrianne.

Allie said...

darling. please tell me it's based on a true story!

Jordan said...

Girlfriend you are BRAVE! I went through the same humiliation at our Christmas social! You should be a writer!!!