Sunday, June 14, 2009

Louisville Slugger

On Memorial Day, "the wives" and I attended a Minor League Louisville Bats baseball game. The game was at the Louisville Slugger Field. It was a LOT of fun! There were TONS are military people (i guess marines or something). Also, they played a lot of patriotic videos on the large screen, and they had some patriotic singers performing patriotic medleys. It really did remind me of how grateful I am to be a citizen of this country. I love America and being American, and I just want to cry when I think of all of the great men and women who have served and do serve the people of this country. Woooo!

The BAT crowd surfing with the marines.

The scoreboard (we lost).

Jessica and Me (we couldn't get a very good picture).

The crazy bat. I just love him. I think his name is Buddy.

Some of the field and the crazy sky. This field is located right across from the river walk (downtown), and it's actually really pretty.

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SwEaRiKa said...

Awesome! Glad you guys are having so much fun. Looking forward to seeing you back west again!