Friday, November 27, 2009


Was wonderful!

Jordan and I (but mostly Jordan) put together a mouth-watering dinner! The best parts: Cream corn (Thanks, Casi), crockpot stuffing, ROLLS, sweet potato stuff, potatoes, turkey, pomegranate-cranberry sparkling drink... and the green beans and relish tray were good too (That's pretty much everything). Can't forget the french silk pie and caramel apple pie!

I definitely missed my other sibs, Bremen and Maggie. And my mom, a lot.

Last year, Jedders and I were a little over a month away from getting married. Now, we are that close to our year anniversary. CRAZY. I am definitely thankful for our marriage!

I got to hang out with my boys, and then the grown-ups watched the Fugitive, such a good movie. Jordan and Mike are always the best hosts!

Overall, quite wonderful!

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Casi Bludorn said...

Yay, I'm glad you liked the corn. I made a ton and am looking forward to eating it as left overs for weeks! I love Thanksgiving!