Friday, September 17, 2010

Ok... so maybe that last post was a little on the dramatic side...

But you know how I am.

The Leak girls just have this natural talent of making everything 1 million times more dramatic than it needs to be. In fact, my husband is so hilary-ous that he has totally learned to speak "Leak" and he makes me laugh when he says dramatic things just so I will better understand what he is trying to say.

Anyway, here are some things on my mind.

My nose is very chapped from having a cold this last week. It stinks cause it looks like I have crusty snot around the base of my wide leak nose, but it's just flaking skin. yuck.

We are going to WY today to visit Adam and Erika and baby Taylor. We love it there a lot! And Erika teaches me a lot of cool stuff... like good life skills and knowledge. Tomorrow we will be canning lots of yummy peaches, something I have never ever ever done before. I've been wanting to learn to can really bad, so I'm grateful she invited me up earlier this week via text messaging (it was a last minute thing, deciding to go up there). I even bought jars and everything.

I always say, "I texted...." and Jed thinks it's just "I text.." even in past tense. What do you guys think?

I listen to books on CD. I love it. It is something my dad has always done.. and I hope I can always do it too. I just finished Nicholas Sparks' Rodanthe book (forgot the real name) and now I'm listening to Dear John (since I couldn't get myself to read the actual book).. next I'm gonna try listening to I am Legend.

ok... gotta go to class now


Annika said...

it's DEFINITLY 'I texted...'
haha, that's hilarious!

Andrea said...

You're silly
Move back home

Lindsay Anne said...


Bonnie said...

Texted, seriously.