Sunday, April 01, 2012

Answered Questions

Every six months, when General Conference rolls around, we are encouraged to think of specific questions and to look for those answers in the talks we hear.

This time, I didn't do that. My general concern was "holy cow... We are bringing a real life child into our family! HELP!" and did I get help? Of course! Not only were there so many uplifting and inspiring talks encouraging us to become better, there were many many talks focused on families and raising children. Maybe you heard different things, but this is what I learned:

I don't need to have all of the answers. I don't even need to be in control. I simply need to rely on my Heavenly Father and work together with my husband to 1) give this baby all the love in the world, 2) teach this baby the gospel and that our Heavenly Father loves him/her more than he will ever know, 3) teahc him to understand and use agency, 4) teach obedience, 5) teach love and respect for all of God's children, and a thousand other important lessons.

And even though I feel completely inadequate (I know, I know... I've said this before), and I am young, and my career isn't where I hoped it would be, and Jed and I aren't perfect, the Lord approves of what we are embarking upon, and He will bless and help us, and He will make up the difference. And we are doing the right thing. And it makes this experience so sweet and so special.


Erika said...


I got the same messages: work in the home is worthwhile and my little girl is going to be smart, strong and successful... she can handle the evil in the world as long as we keep doing as a family what we should be doing and take the time to love and have fun together. You guys will be great... no one has all of the answers. That's what makes it even more fun! :)

Andrea said...

I love you soo much! I just want to let you know that. You're going to be an amazing mom! Trust me. Bo and I were less established when we had Mags than you and Jed are now, and we made it! The first one's always the "trial" kid anyway. You will make mistakes, you will mess up, and you will STILL be loved by that little baby. I've ended a lot of days with "man...I wish I had handled ____ different". Good news : TOMORROW is a NEW DAY!
Having a child(ren) scares me, daily, but I know that with a little help from Bo, and a LOT of help from Heavenly Father, that everything is going to be ok.
You'll be great, and I know that hearing that won't make things seem any less daunting, and that you'll still be scared, because I know I'm still scared. BUT I'm hoping that a little bit of encouragement helps even just a tid bit.
P.S. Can't wait to see you.
P.S.S. You can always call me and we'll use each other as a MOMMY support!